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Other Download

The RED COMMAND PROTOCOL (R.C.P.) SDK provides developers with the API needed to use the RED Command Protocol - enabling users to create custom apps on iOS or Android to control their DSMC via mobile device or tablet. Included in the RED COMMAND PROTOCOL Development Kit are the R.C.P., a sample app, and additional resources.

    v6.51.2     50.3 MB


Other Download

The R3D SDK provides developers with the API needed to load, trim, and decode RED R3D clips on Intel 32- and 64-bit macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. Hardware accelerated decoding is supported for RED ROCKET and CUDA, or OPENCL enabled GPUs. Included in the R3D SDK are libraries, sample code, and additional resources.

    v7.0.8     37.7 MB

IPP2 Output Presets

Other Download

Included 32x 3D LUTs for each of the IPP2 output transform combinations with Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020. These can be used to apply the IPP2 output transforms in third party software that does not yet support the new IPP2 SDK.

    v1.13.0     11.7 MB

Hardware Development Kit

Other Download

This Hardware Development Kit includes dimensional drawings with most of the necessary exterior dimensions for DSMC2 cameras.

    v1.0.1     9.7 MB

DSMC Toolkit

Other Download

The DSMC Toolkit is a camera utility package that contains a variety of camera tools including a camera UI guide creator, key mapping tool, and preset files for your DSMC or DSMC2.

    v6.4.0     54.9 MB


Other Download

The RED LUT Kit contains a variety of LUTs designed to map from REDLogFilm to REDGamma spaces (REDGamma3 and RGamma4) for Shake Discrete, Resolve, and Resolve cube format. Please note, included cube format LUTs are 1D LUTs (not 3D LUTs) that are supported by the .cube format. This kit includes two versions of LUTs for REDGamma3.

    v1.0.1     5.6 MB