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Post-Production Has Never
Looked This Good

For Motion. For Stills. REDCINE-X PRO® provides an advanced coloring toolset, integrated timeline, and post effects collection in a professional, flexible environment for your R3D® files. With a new look and feel, and advanced features, RCX-PRO is the ultimate in post-production for stills and motion.

Take Your Looks
With You

In REDCINE-X PRO, you create the look you want and export it to your RED camera or create your look in the camera and transfer to REDCINE-X PRO. REDCODE® RAW – the .R3D format – allows you to manipulate all the metadata of your images to find your perfect look.

Bullet Proof

REDCODE RAW files work as a non-destructive medium, allowing you to push the limits of your image without compromising initial quality. Image metadata can be easily adjusted, manipulated, and reset back to default settings – all without jeopardizing the integrity of your image.

Digital stills and motion perfected

You can now mark frames while shooting, and once you import your footage into the new REDCINE-X PRO, you will find each frame marker displayed on your timeline, making it easy to pinpoint the stills you want. Rating frames will also add a marker to your timeline, giving you the ability to access each frame as you go. Additionally, the latest version includes A.D.D. (Advanced Dragon Debayer), a new algorithm for the RED DRAGON® sensor that carefully analyzes every pixel to create the best frame possible.


Old Footage
New Tricks

RED prides itself on future-proof innovation and .R3D files are no exception to the rule. When RED color and gamma science improves, your library of .R3Ds improves along with it. Unlike any other format in history, your .R3D images get better over time.

3D Comes

REDCINE-X PRO simplifies the process of working with RED 3D files with a powerful stereo toolset. You can fine-tune convergence, preview 3D files, and export to 3D formats all without leaving REDCINE-X PRO. Attention to detail is critical when working with stereo files and with features like frame offset and color match, you’ll always be able to sustain optimal 3D quality.


Whether pursuing a still or motion workflow, you’ll be able to finish your work using the programs you love. Alongside Avid and Final Cut Pro friendly pipelines, REDCINE-X PRO makes it simple to collaborate with Adobe Creative Suite products. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, and Photoshop all support RED’s native .R3D format, preserving a highly compatible ecosystem for all of your old and new .R3D files.