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'Wolf Warrior 2' Sets Chinese Box Office Record

August 18, 2017

Wolf Warrior 2

This week, Wolf Warrior 2 set a new record as China’s highest grossing film of all time. Shot by cinematographer Peter Ngor on WEAPON 6K, Wolf Warrior 2 follows martial artist and actor/co-writer/director Jing Wu as he reprises his role as special forces soldier, Leng Feng.

Wolf Warrior 2 takes the number one spot at the box office above The Mermaid, last year’s blockbuster romantic comedy-drama shot on RED EPIC. Additionally, Wolf Warrior 2 is the first—and only—non-Hollywood film ever to be included in the top-100 list of all-time biggest worldwide box office grossing films. Currently, nine of the top ten grossing films in China used RED cameras on their productions. RED congratulates Wolf Warrior 2 for its amazing success this summer at the box office.