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RED and NASA Take Part in Two Firsts This Week at NAB

May 04, 2017

RED and NASA Take Part in Two Firsts This Week at NAB

On April 26 during NAB 2017, NASA produced the first-ever live 4K video from orbit using RED’s EPIC DRAGON camera. During the same event NASA returned the first ultra-high definition camera to be used aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to RED’s President, Jarred Land.

After the event NASA’s Imagery Expert Program Manager, Rodney Grubbs, said:

“Using the RED EPIC DRAGON camera on board the International Space Station for more than two years has helped NASA capture stunning imagery in 6K. Now we’ve successfully completed the first live 4K downlink out of the camera from the space station for the first time ever. Being able to downlink ultra-high resolution imagery from space to Earth opens up a whole new chapter in live broadcasting from the space station, providing a powerful new tool to support science and research. NASA also is excited about using this technology to provide the rest of us here on Earth a way to experience life and work on the world’s only orbiting laboratory in greater detail than ever before.”

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