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REDCINE-X PRO: Saving Looks to Camera

June 26, 2012

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a customized look in REDCINE-X PRO® and save it to camera. By saving your look from REDCINE-X PRO to your REDMAG 1.8" SSD, custom grading can then be viewed in real-time with live footage on the camera’s preview screen. If at any point you want to change your look, REDCODE® RAW files allow you to revert back without compromising image quality.

QUICK TIP: If RED Watchdog is enabled for READ ONLY, be sure to change it to READ-WRITE in order to save Looks to the REDMAG.

Also see the tutorial: RMD Files and Non-Destructive Editing for additional information.

REDCINE-X PRO software is available for free and can be found here.