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REDCINE-X PRO: General Overview

February 05, 2012

This tutorial provides a detailed overview of the features and customizable interface of REDCINE-X PRO®. New users will learn how to manage projects and personalize workflow settings, while seasoned veterans can pick up on hot keys and quick tips for a more efficient REDCINE-X experience.

REDCINE-X PRO software is a available for free and can be found here

For a more interactive learning experience, download these free R3D® files to perfect your workflow. Photography by Jarred Land.

R3D Downloads:

Click here to learn more about how the RED ROCKET® can accelerate your RED® workflow.

Topics Covered:

Folder and bin navigation are covered, including how to import clips into your project.

The center panel walkthrough involves preview settings and monitoring tools such as RGB parade and histogram.

Look settings, color correction tools, and cropping abilities are all featured in the tutorial.

Capping the tutorial is a synopsis of the bottom panel which navigates you through timeline, export, audio, and more.