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RED BTS: Playing Lynch

October 05, 2016

Image courtesy of

John Malkovich, Sandro Miller, and Squarespace recently teamed up for an online art exhibition that pays tribute to directorial great, David Lynch. Playing Lynch is comprised of seven vignettes that commemorate some of David Lynch’s most iconic characters, all performed by John Malkovich. Visitors to the site are able to interact with the artwork as well as make a donation to download the Director’s Cut of the film, collector-edition prints, and accompanying music. All donations benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which helps heal individuals suffering from trauma and stress through Transcendental Meditation.

John Malkovich and Sandro Miller have worked closely in the past and saw this project as an opportunity to bring awareness to a wonderful cause using interactive art that embodies the sounds, images, and emotions of David Lynch’s works. Both Sandro and John felt it was critical that this project be as evocative and creative as the originals, so they turned to RED® cameras to help create both stills and motion images that could perfectly match the productions David shot decades ago on film.

Visit to watch each piece of work in the series and to learn about how you can support the David Lynch Foundation.